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Cloutier Law Offices Client Bill of Rights

Cloutier Law Offices, P.C. believes our clients have important rights related to our representation. The promises from us to you contained in this Client Bill of Rights are not required by law, and we did not copy them from somewhere else. They are our own creation and expression of what we believe we owe our clients. If you ever feel that we are not living up to these commitments, please let us know so that we can make sure we live up to and hopefully exceed your expectations.
  1. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have your communications and inquiries responded to in a reasonably timely fashion, to have urgent phone calls and emails returned as soon as possible, but always within 24 hours, and routine phone calls and emails returned within 72 business hours or less.
  2. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be kept informed of the status of your case at your request, and to be promptly notified by us of any significant developments.
  3. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be treated with dignity and compassion, in full recognition of the difficulties people experience when they are injured or have lost loved ones.
  4. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have the legal and other issues involved in your case fully explained to you by an attorney, so you can make informed decisions about your case.
  5. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have your questions fully and timely answered by an attorney.
  6. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to privacy: to have your personal, medical, and financial information held in confidence when disclosure is not expressly authorized by you, impliedly authorized to prosecute your case, or required by law.\
  7. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to examine medical records, pleadings, and other materials.
  8. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have a face-to-face meeting with an attorney at your request to discuss any matter related to the prosecution of your case.
  9. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to make the important decisions about the prosecution and settlement of your case, and to be given adequate information and advice to assist you in making important decisions about your case.
  10. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be informed of all important court dates and trial dates, and to attend hearings, depositions, and other proceedings as permitted by law, and when in the best interests of the prosecution of your case.
This Client Bill of Rights does not limit any legal or other rights you have, nor does it limit or alter other obligations of the Firm under the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct.
It is not intended to and does not create any liability or cause of action.

Cloutier Law Offices Client Bill of Rights ©2010, 2007.  All rights reserved.

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Indiana E-File 06/09/17:  St. Joseph County courts have now adopted electronic filing.  Click here to read more about Indiana E-file.

New Web Site 05/29/17:  Our new Web Site recently came online. We hope you find it easy to use and informative.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

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Indiana E-File

St. Joseph County courts have now adopted electronic filing.  Click here to read more about Indiana E-file.

PERSONAL INJURY 101: What is an Independent Medical Exam?

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is a form of discovery where the defendant can have a physician other than your treating physicians examine you and report about your condition.  (Discovery is the process that allows each side to learn (discover) what witnesses, evidence, and arguments the other side will make if the case proceeds to trial.)  The Indiana Rules of Civil Procedure allow a defendant to request an IME and nominate an examiner.  Though it is called an “independent” medical examination, the defense will often try to get an examiner who they know is biased against plaintiffs, or who derives most of his or her income from testifying for defendants or insurance companies.  If the defense proposes a biased or unfair physician, we can object and the Court will have to decide whether you can be required to see the physician.  An independent medical examination is not necessarily a bad thing: often the independent examiner will agree with your physician about you injuries and condition, which will help your case.

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